1. Scheme :    To extend financial assistance for TIIC assisted and non-assisted units engaged in manufacturing and processing industries including Rice Mills, to meet their working capital / additional working capital requirements.

2. Eligibility :   

  • The unit should be in existence and in operation for the past two financial years and should have earned cash profit for the last two years. 

  • The unit should be in standard assets category of TIIC / Banks for the last two years.

  • The networth of the unit should be positive.

3. Quantum of Loan :  The maximum quantum of assistance is Rs.150.00 lakhs per unit. Additional or enhanced working capital will be considered after 1 year.

4. Promoter's Contribution :  Promoter's contribution shall not be less than 25% of the Working Capital assessment made.

5. Debt Equity Ratio :  The overall Debt Equity Ratio for the concern shall not exceed  2:1 (including Working Capital Term Loan component).

6. Repayment period :   The principal repayment period shall not exceed 42  months including a moratorium period of 6 months ( for first time assistance only) and the repayment shall be in equal monthly installments. 

7. Collateral Security :-

  • In case of existing assisted units who are in the standard category continuously for the last two completed financial years, 100% of WCTL (residual value of existing primary land and building and collateral security in the form of land and building will be considered) shall be obtained.

  • For units not assisted by TIIC which do not have any bank finance for working capital, collateral security to the extent 125% of WCTL shall be obtained.

  • For TIIC assisted units and units not assisted by TIIC which have working capital limits with any Bank, collateral security to the extent 150% of WCTL assistance shall be obtained.

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Page modified on 05.11.2014


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