All Micro and Small units, whose project outlay (excluding working capital margin) is within Rs.200.00 lakhs would be eligible for both term loan and working capital assistance under the scheme.

1. The Scheme :  The Corporation considers financial assistance for creation of fixed assets and working capital assistance for Micro and Small units.
2. Eligibility :  The Micro and Small units with venture outlay i.e. aggregate cost of the project (excluding working capital margin) and total working capital requirement shall be upto Rs.200.00 lakhs.  If the units have bank facility, they are not eligible for working capital assistance under Single Window Scheme.  However, they can be accommodated under other working capital schemes of our Corporation. 
  3. Project Cost :  The total venture outlay i.e. project cost (excluding working capital margin) and working capital requirement shall not exceed Rs.200.00 lakhs.
4. Debt Equity Ratio :  The Debt Equity Ratio shall be 3 : 1 for loans upto Rs.10 lakhs (including working capital loan). The Debt Equity Ratio shall be 2 : 1 for loans above Rs.10 lakhs. 
  5. Promoter's contribution :  Promoter's contribution shall be 35%.
6. Repayment Period :  Repayment of working capital loan is for a period of 3 years including a moratorium period of 4 months. Repayment of term loan under Single Window Scheme is 5 to 7 years including the moratorium period.
7. Collateral Security : The unit shall offer collateral security to cover 100% of working capital term loan component and to cover 50% of term loan component under Single Window Scheme.

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Page modified on 05.04.2011


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