1. The Scheme:  My Doctor 

2. Eligibility:   

  • Loan scheme for qualified Medical Practitioners.   Available for all medical streams viz. Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Dental etc.

  • Individuals/Partnership

  • Applicants /Promoters should have recognized qualification in any branch of medical science like MBBS/BAMS/BDS/BHMS of any recognized degree in Physiotherapy / Radiology etc and should have minimum practical experience required to establish Hospital / Nursing Home / Clinic.

  • Any Registered Medical Practitioner in the age group of 25 – 60 years with a minimum experience of 12 months.

  • Second-hand machinery / Equipments should not be financed.

3. Purpose:  

  • To set up clinics, Pathological / X-ray / Sonographic / Physiotherapy / any other.

  •  To purchase land for construction of Hospital Building.

  •  Diagnostic Imaging Laboratories / Purchase of Medical Equipments, Medical Software, Computer for Hospital purposes.

  •  Construction of Nursing Homes, Furnishing of Nursing Homes, Setting up of a Clinic or Lab, Renovation / Repair of existing premises etc.

  •  Purchase of Ambulance.

  • Purchase of ready built premises

4. Quantum of Loan :  

For Term Loan

  • Minimum of Rs.10 lakhs and Maximum of Rs.150 lakhs.

  • In respect of Panchayat & Rural           - Maximum of Rs.40 lakhs

  • Other than above                                 - Maximum of Rs.150 lakhs

  • In respect of Non-Allopathy Doctor     - Maximum of Rs.20 Lakhs


  • Need based Working Capital Term Loan with a maximum of Rs. 5 Lakhs as sub-limit

5. Investigation Fees:  As applicable to Term Loan.

6. Rate of Interest :   Click here for Rate of Interest

7. Margin : 15% for Equipments, 25% for Building, 35% for Land and Building.

8. Debt Equity Ratio:    

  • Upto Rs.10 lakhs       3  : 1 

  • Above Rs.10 lakhs    2  :  1

9. Repayment Period :  5 years (including holiday period)

10. Collateral Security :   

Primary: Hypothecation / Mortgage of assets purchased out of our assistance.

      Collateral: Upto Rs. 10 Lakhs:

  • FD- 25% of the loan amount(or)Collateral security  for 25% of the loan amount  (or)  third party guarantee from any respectable person acceptable to the Corporation whose net worh shall be atleast 2.0 times of the proposed loan amount (or) Government Employee’s Guarantee  or Another Doctor’s Guarantee.

  • Personal Guarantee if he or she is an individual

  • Spouse Guarantee.

Above Rs. 10 Lakhs:

  • Tangible Collateral security with minimum of 25% coverage.

  • Personal Guarantee if he or she is an individual

  • Spouse Guarantee

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