1. The Scheme: Doctor Plus

2. Eligibility:   

  • Loan scheme for qualified Medical Practitioners.   Available for all medical streams viz. Allopathy, Dental etc.

  •  Partnership / Companies.

  •  Applicants /Promoters should have recognized qualification in any branch of medical science like MBBS/BDS of any recognized degree in Physiotherapy / Radiology etc and should have minimum practical experience required to establish Hospital / Nursing Home / Clinic.

  •  Company At least 50% of the promoter / directors should be qualified and registered medical practitioners.

  •  Second-hand machinery / Equipments should not be financed.

3. Purpose:  

  • To set up clinics, Pathological / X-ray / Sonographic / Physiotherapy / any other.

  •  To purchase land for construction of Hospital Building.

  •  To purchase ready built premises. (Age of the premises shall not be more than 20 years).

  •  Diagnostic Imaging Laboratories / Purchase of Medical Equipments, Medical Software, Computer for Hospital purposes.

  •  Construction of Nursing Homes, Furnishing of Nursing Homes, Setting up of a Clinic or Lab, Renovation / Repair of existing premises etc.

  •  Purchase of Ambulance

4. Quantum of Loan :  

For Term Loan:

  • Minimum of Rs.25 lakhs and Maximum of Rs.1500 lakhs.

  • In respect of Panchayat & Rural           - Maximum of Rs.50 lakhs

  • Other than above                                 - Maximum of Rs.1500 lakhs

  • If the TL is for equipment only, the Maximum quantum of loan shall be Rs.500 lakhs.

For WCTL   

  • Need based Working Capital requirement can be considered as sub limit not exceeding 10% of the proposed loan amount subject to a maximum of  Rs. 100 Lakhs.

5. Investigation Fees:  As applicable to Term Loan.

6. Rate of Interest : Click here for Rate of Interest

7. Margin : 15% for Equipments, 25% for Building, if land and building is involved 35% margin (subject to overall DER 2 : 1).

8. Repayment Period :  9 years (including holiday period)

9. Collateral Security :   

Primary: Hypothecation / Mortgage of assets purchased out of our assistance.


  • Tangible Collateral security 25% coverage

  • Personal Guarantee if he or she is an individual

  • Spouse Guarantee.  

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