1. The Scheme:  

          To extend financial assistance for existing / past TIIC assisted units, with good track record for any tangible or intangible business needs such as capex, servicing new orders, renovation of property / assets, reimbursement against self financed assets acquired in the last one year, funding of intangibles like brand building/ marketing, R&D, inorganic business growth, or any other bonafide business need, etc.

2. Eligibility:   

       Large and MSME sectors, engaged in manufacturing, processing and preservation activity; the services sector. 

         The unit should be in existence and in operation for the past three financial years and should have earned net profit for the last three financial years.

         The networth of the units should be positive and no cumulative losses.

         The units  should be in standard assets category continuously of TIIC /Banks for the last  three financial years.

3. Quantum of Loan :  

           The minimum quantum of assistance shall be Rs.20 lakhs and the maximum quantum of assistance shall  be Rs.100 lakhs per unit.

4. Promoter's Contribution / Debt Equity Ratio :

The promoterís contribution shall be  NIL subject to the overall debt equity ratio including proposed quantum of limit for the unit  not exceeding  2.00 : 1.00.

6. Repayment Period:    

The maximum repayment period shall be 5 years including a moratorium of 6 months for principal repayment and the repayment shall be in equal monthly instalments.

6. Collateral Security :   

      Collateral security to the extent of 150% of the credit limit sanctioned shall be obtained.

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